The Official Internet Crib of Harry Sadist

An abstract, ambiguously sentient god that takes the form of a giant, floating silver lozenge

Sadist 1 - Episode 3

The Village People, strange peversions and a gunfight at the Chicken Geezer.

Impaled Nazarine

Off with their heads!

Princely Peversions

Strange drugs

The Royal Orphans

We're in Brine, honey

A right royal rumpus

Pistol whippin

fuck! Its Jackie Brambles

Paid by the toetag

CS Gas

Merciful Muffs

Royal Psychobitch

the end for Harry?

Gas grenades


PCP saves the day

cop holocaust

Harry gets serious

Tanks for the memories

a slight accident

Mink is undone!



Rating: colossal badness Izzard Gainsborough: walk through the valley of the shadow of death


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