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SADIST 1A - Episode 4

In an attempt to fund her new existence as an exile, Mink goes fucking apeshit with a combat shotgun at a liquor store. Featuring the official Sadist boardgame. Originally appeared in Deadline issue 65.

Dogz batter

Cum Quaffers

Paid by the toetag

Twelve bore surprise

Helmetize with pies

High velocity mince

Badly fucked up

Ballistic Bostic

Mainline PCP

Lucifer Rising

Kill at will

Pork Scratchings

Tanked up

Bullet in the head

Road Traffic Accident Game 1

Road Traffic Accident Game 2

Shit in a bears arse!



Visitor rating: 10 Benelton Gainsborough: makes Scunthorpe look like Shangri-La


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