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Sadist 1 Ep 4

Sadist 1 - Episode 4
(about 1993 - 18 pages)

Harry recovers from a 6 month coma to find Mink on Death Row. He pays a final visit to help speed her on her way.
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Sadist 1 Ep 3

Sadist 1 - Episode 3
(about 1993 - 22 pages)

The Village People, strange peversions and a gunfight at the Chicken Geezer.
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Sadist 1 Ep 2

Sadist 1 - Episode 2
(about 1993 - 13 pages)

Harry and mechanic pal Neville Carcass arrive at HRH Princess Mink's hotel room and are promptly treated to a brutal beating by the crazed aristo. Learning that Mink is a suicidal, transgender PCP addict, they head off for a takeaway.
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Sadist 1 Ep 1

Sadist 1 - Episode 1
(about 1993 - 11 pages)

Harry Sadist's afternoon of football is interrupted when TeenScene calls with a new job. A fragile member of the royal family needs a bodyguard - what could possibly go wrong?
An earlier version of Sadist 1a.
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Lobster Telephone 34

From Lobster Telephone 34
(about 1992 - 7 pages)

Harry comments on profound environmental and political issues in his own inimitable style.
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Lobster Telephone 32

From Lobster Telephone 32
(about 1991 - 4 pages)

Harry spends the night hitting his telephone with an axe, which puts him in just the right mood for a bit of debt collection.
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Lobster Telephone 30

from Lobster Telephone 30
(about 1990 - 4 pages)

Ron, Scene's competitor in the confectionary trade, finds he's bitten off more than he can chew when Harry pays a visit.
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Trickster Now

from Trickster Now
(about 1990 - 4 pages)

Harry's faith in his own inhuman nature is shaken after a frenzy of speed-fuelled violence at a petrol station.
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Lobster Telephone 29

from Lobster Telephone 29
(late 1989 - 4 pages)

Cross-dressing Harry visits Scene armed with a carving knife to enquire about a job.
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Lobster Telephone 28

from Lobster Telephone 28
(May 1989 - 7 pages)

TeenSceen and Harry Sadist meet for the first time, and really hit it off!!
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